Your export; our care. Combo Shipping is the trusted specialist for shipping your goods to the preferred destination around the globe. Years of experience as a shipping company for export and import services make our valued clients return time after time. Adeqate import and export services, as well as logistic solutions are found at Combo Shipping.

Founded in 2013, after years of experience in the field, Combo Shipping eliminated diverse obstacles for the customer. CBS drastically improved the overall experience of the process of shipping service for both import and export, to offer our clients a truly stress-free shipping service for their seafreight.

More recently, Combo Shipping added the logistic solutions to its services. Ever since, these have provided various companies with trusted transportation of their products and goods within The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

At Combo Shipping, taking the extra step is our pleasure, just so we exceed your expectations.

Your Export; Our Care